Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Duke

I think this post it must be in English, because there is an important reason to do, jejeje are you agree with me David?? How many days here drinking a beer or a coke, talking in English or talking in Spanish, laughing a lot, ... puff a lot a lot... maybe for this reason you know more about Alicante... and me know more about Slovenia... I hope in the future we can meet us there again.. .do you like the idea? Now we can talk using internet... is not the same but it's enough I think... a kiss from Spain... :D

But The Duke is an important place for other reasons too, there I met a lot of friends, for example this Christmas... Rafa, Malena, Ikram and me -without Pili... we were sad for this, because the group was not complete... jo!!- spent our time talking about the future, about our works, about many things important for us.... I will miss this moments...of course, but... I hope we can meet in other places... for example Madrid?? jejejejejejeje

Kisses for all!! and The Duke forever!!!

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